Horde 32 WraithGuard


Name WraithGuard
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Guild Leader Razael
Type RP
Application Website / in game meeting
Forums WraithGuard Forums
Armory WraithGuard Armory

Guild InformationEdit

"Purge those who are deaf to the bleeding heart of Azeroth."

Mission StatementEdit

RP PurposeEdit

The current "purpose" of Wraithguard is to counter Alliance attacks on the Horde, form strategies of attack and defense, discover weak points in the enemy, remain loyal to members of Wraithguard as well as to the Horde, and to find a new true purpose for the unit that will fully utilize its members' expertise in Inquisition techniques.

RP GoalsEdit

The stated goals of Wraithguard are as follows:

  • Defend the Horde.
  • Assist other members in various endeavors.
  • Inquisition the enemy.
  • Remain loyal to the unit.
  • Scout the enemy and attack weak points.
  • Stay on the lookout for new means of income to support the unit.


All of the roleplaying stuff is fun, but it's time to reveal the true purpose and intentions of the group. We are primarily a roleplaying guild, accepting applications from light roleplayers to the heaviest roleplayers. Wraithguard is a casual, laid-back guild whose members just want a fun time playing the game. We're a tight community, always helping each other out with quests, instances, items, and the like. We have no obligations or requirements for our members-- the guild is a resource for the players, not the other way around. That said, contributions to the guild (in any form) are encouraged.


The goals of Wraithguard, which may or may not mimic the RP goals, are as follows:

  • Have fun.
  • Help out fellow members.
  • Be a valuable resource to players, via the guild bank, acting as a pool of knowledge and help, services, friendliness, and other methods.
  • Defend against Alliance raids at levels 70+.
  • Bring back roleplaying to Kirin Tor, Horde side.

Roleplay StyleEdit

Guild History and RecordsEdit

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