Saevio de Tempestas is a small, militaristic unit. Founded by Trawyn Stormhoof and 'now lead by her daughter Mikisha, this Order is based out of the Warsong Lumber Camp, their headquaters in Kargathia Keep, though you may find their members across Azeroth and beyond.

From all aspects they have come together, to serve the Horde with Strength and Honor.

Saevio de Tempestas Pledge of Service:

I shall, at all times, act according to the will of the Champion.

My service and my life are hers to Command.

I will respect all decisions made.

I will serve with unwavering loyalty.

For Strength and Honor.

For Glory and Triumph.

I shall not bring Shame or Dishonor to my Brethren.

Lok'tar Ogar!


Formed by Trawyn Stormhoof, Saevio de Tempestas is a small band of fighters who aid int he defense of the Horde and it's Honor. Based in Ashenvale, the group found itself most often against the forces of the Alliance stationed there. Despite this, Trawyn pushed her members for the utmost respect and honor to their enemies. Any going against these standards would find themselves punished and removed from their ranks.

After the disappearance of Trawyn, her daughter Mikisha took over control of the group. Though she tries to follow her Mother's example, she herself has directed the Order towards a more offensive role than they once were. As well, at times the strict line they once followed is blurred, seeking to complete the mission at any means necessary as they follow the lead of Mikisha.


Saevio de Tempestas is a Medium-RP guild found on Kirin Tor Horde side. The Guild's story focus is based on a small, militaristic unit based in Ashenvale at the Kargathia Keep. The missions issued include for players PvP type strike events and bounty collections, as well as In Character raids. For example, the pre-Cata storyline has taken members into Molten Core, Zul'Gurub, Zul'Aman and next Serpentshrine.

Events are often held and are open to the KT Community, a variety that can offer something for all types of RPers. The events are posted on the KT Forums and encourage all to drop by, whether interested in our Guild or not. These range from Random RP Nights to Markets and Fairs for Kirin Tor's population to advertise and offer their wares and services in an RP based environment.

Saevio Beginnings: