Alliance 32 Maruval Everwatch
Game Name Maruval
Guild Mellonea
Titles Professor of Conflict Studies
Class Warrior
Race Night Elf
Gender Male
Age pre-Sundering
Height 205cm
Weight 80kg
Build Wiry
Hair Color Unkempt, bluish
Alignment Neutral
Professions Specimen collector


Armory Maruval's Armory

Physical Description Edit

Maruval can usually be seen in a flowing robe with a rapier at his side; he often has an absent-minded air about him, his unkempt hair flying up and out at odd angles as he wanders the halls of some library engrossed in a rare and ancient tome.

Personal History Edit

Maruval was born before the Sundering, but was not among the first Night Elves to look up at the stars.

Current Status Edit

He is on sabbatical from the University of Darnassus, studying the nature of conflict among the sentient races of Draenor.

Stories Edit

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