Horde 32 Mahali Swifthoof
Game Name Mahali
Guild Saevio de Tempestas
Titles Former Longwalker
Class Death Knight
Race Tauren
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Height Tall
Weight Heavy

The following is an excerpt from the journals of Mahali Swifthoof concerning her transformation into a Death Knight after her death.

Physical DescriptionEdit

To look upon me now is to see a shade once of my former glory. As with others of the Tauren race, I am quite tall. Just below eight foot in height, my body shows even now the hints of my former life. Constant travel, stretching for miles and miles through the wilderness has left my form covered in what seems lean muscle. My horns are small, as with other females of the Tauren, turned upward ever so slightly. My ears are adorned with small rings, three upon each. Let us say it was the rebellious nature of a young Tauren that led to their piercing.

My fur is the same color of the deep earth, the soil which gives us life and takes us in our death. Reddish brown and soft, it covers my body entirely. Streaks of white tear across my muzzle. My hair I prefer to keep long, black in color, though I do braid it to keep it from my face while traveling.

My eyes were once a bright, always curious green. But, alas, my current state leaves them an odd, eerie blue. Glowing ever so slighly and with a chill that rivals the very snows of Winterspring.

Such a chill often lingers upon my hooves as well, crusting their edges with the hint of frost.


Before death took me, I was a Longwalker, a Holy Strider. I served with unwavering loyalty to Cairne Bloodhoof. Our movements were unkown, our missions a secret. We moved swiftly and unseen across the lands of Azeroth and beyond, carrying out the will of our Chieften.

Yet, upon one such a trip, I was beset upon by Alliance forces. Over whelemed by their numbers, my body was left where it fell. To return to the Earth which I came.

That is, until he came.

Bringing me back as this abomination to the Earthmother. yet, now I am free from his grasp. Thanks to those who sacrificed their lives at Light's Hope Chapel, who showed me and my...brethren the error of our ways.

I now once again roam these parts, serving the mighty Bloodhoof Chieften in this hour of darkness, as I once did so many years ago.