Horde 32 Flames of Salvation
Name Flames of Salvation
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Accounts 50 +
Website Flames of Salvation Website
Armory Flames of Salvation Armory

We are a heavy RP guild of the horde faction.

Our guild features organized roleplay, casual social gatherings, contests with real-life prizes, events with in-game prizes, and assistance with quests and professions.

If you've heard of talent shows and scavenger hunts - that's us!

We plan to stay a small guild and only recruit members with solid roleplaying skills. All races and classes are welcome. If you want to join an active group of quality players, contact us!

IC Background If you ask someone on the street, they'll tell you that the Falconwing Rangers are a mercenary group that takes up whatever work is offered, for a sufficient amount of gold. They also defend Eversong Woods. Most of their members are sindorei, but all races of the horde are welcome. They have a military structure with rigid standards for loyalty. Good service is rewarded.

In truth, the guild was commissioned in secret by Halduron Brightwing, Silvermoon's Ranger General. The purpose of the guild is to serve as his scouts, battle the Burning Legion, report on its actions, and eventually establish a foothold in the Outlands.

OOC Details We try to attract quality roleplayers - people with good skills in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We don't accept characters with uber-epic backgrounds or non-WoW themes. For example; no sons of Arthas, vampires, wives of Thrall, demons, gnomes in disguise, Drow elves, or kings.

Once a month, the guild hosts a public event such as a talent show or scavenger hunt with in-game prizes such as gold, pets, toys and bags.

Two to three times a month, the Rangers have a contest open to all members and associates. Prizes range from unscratched Timecards, to Burning Crusade strategy guides, to packs of WoW TCG cards, to horde patches and pins, to TCG loot cards (such as the BBQ and baby hippogryph pet).

Every couple of months, there is a contest for veterans and officers only, to reward them for their service and extra work. One contest rewarded the raffle winner with a brand new iPod Shuffle.

Free-form roleplay and guild-wide storylines are encouraged. A new group plotline starts up at least once a month. All forms of participation count towards rank promotion - roleplay, forum posts, meeting attendance, contest entries, etc.

Members often receive items and crafting materials in the mail without asking, because the guild bank isn't there to hoard loot.