Horde 32 Anhaga
Anhaga 9-3sm
Game Name Anhaga
Guild Eardstapan
Titles the Walker
Nicknames An'ga
Class Hunter
Race Tauren
Gender Female
Age 57
Height 6'7
Weight 240
Build small and slight for a Tauren
Hair Color gray
Eye Color blue
Skin Color gray
Alignment neutral good
Professions Mining and Engineering
Armory Anhaga's Armory

Physical DescriptionEdit

Garments/Armor: Anhaga's armor is basically clean and polished, but has suspicious scorch marks in various places. Her bracers and gauntlets are particularly blackened.


Anhaga is fairly quiet and patient, but once she gets pissed, she carries a grudge.


Anhaga the Walker is a Tauren who was born into the Greymane family. Orphaned and injured by a centaur raid when she was young, she was rescued and raised by members of the Bloodhoof tribe. Upon reaching adulthood, she decided to learn the ways of the hunter, and began training in that path. Wandering Azeroth as she continued to work on her skills, she became lonely, and worked to build herself a new family, Eardstapan, the Wanderers of the Horde. For a while the guild flourished, but eventually members wandered too far and lost touch, and now Anhaga mostly stay in Northrend, where she and her tallstrider companion Gwernabwy walk the land doing on odd jobs for the Argent Crusade. She still wears the Eardstapan tabard, and hopes someday to re-gather the guild.